Nearly Natural 5326 Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree, 8-Feet, Green


Bring the tropical beach to you with our eight foot tall Golden Cane Palm Tree. This tree stands tall and proud; with enough long, bushy emerald leaves to shield you from sunshine (or just pretend to do so if indoors!) It comes with a realistic, segmented trunk, which completes this perfect representation of the tropics. Best of all, it’s worry free so you never have to stress about upkeep.


  • Non-Decorative Nursery Pot; Decorative Planters are also available from Nearly Natural
  • Realistic, segmented trunks; stands tall with long, bushy leaves
  • Item may need to be reshaped and extended when removed from box to achieve its intended appearance.
  • Pot Size 10w x 9.5h
  • Worry and stress free upkeep