Antique White Porthole Mirror | Maritime Aluminum Vintage Decor


Metal Nautical Porthole Ship’s Porthole Mirror This premium metal mirror has been crafted out of high quality/grade silver lined Aluminum which has later been nickel coating to give it the steel-like finish! You are going to love every bit of this beautiful Porthole Mirror as it looks even more beautiful in person! It makes a great bathroom Decor and its very easy to hang as well! All you gotta do is just drill couple holes and Tuck it in! Keep exploring Nagina International for more exceptional Impressive Nautical Decor.


  • Large Silver Metal Plated Nautical Aluminum Nickel Porthole Mirror/Window | Steel-Like Finish Through Nickel Coating | Exclusive Decor
  • Premium Wall Decor For Your Nautical Themed Houses | Great Functional Wall Decor Mirror
  • Dimensions : Size x Size x 3 Inches (Including Eardogs) | Many More Decor & Sizes