Handmade Home & Kitchen Products

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We spend a lot of time in our kitchens – or galleys, as we like to call them! Why not fill them with our Handmade Home and Kitchen products?Cooking, prepping, doing those everyday galley chores. And have you noticed how every gathering of family and friends always ends in the kitchen – no matter how small, we like to squeeze in spend our fun together time there!

That means that the kitchen needs to be well thought out, and every little detail planned to make it a functional, fun and attractive area. Our handmade home and kitchen products, each one chosen to reflect a rustic nautical theme, are essential to complete you oceanfront look.

Whether it’s a rack for spices, coasters for drinks, or a cute picture to hang on the wall, we have a great range of high quality, craftsman built kitchen accessories which will add those finishing touches which show your style and good taste. In particular, we have a good range of attractive and eye catching wooden shelves which we find particularly useful for storing away all our kitchenware, making everything ship shape!

When it comes to larger pieces, such as our barn door shutters, our unique cabinets and chests made from antiqued painted wood, and even cheerful boat shaped folding tables, you can be sure to find practical, useful ideas which will fit beautifully into a rustic nautical styled kitchen. And if you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, why not choose a relaxing chair or two for lounging and chatting while you cook.

There’s just no need for the kitchen to be dull and ordinary, when you can choose from our handmade home and kitchen products to make it a part of that wide open ocean look you’ve chosen for your whole home.