Bath Towel Rings

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Bath Towel Rings are a stylish way to add function to a room. They are designed to hold the towel away from the wall to allow complete drying. They will keep your towels conveniently at hand and off the floor.

To choose a bath towel ring that is right for you, consider the size of the room and its usage. Towel rings are ideal for spaces too small for a towel bar. Such as near the sink or in a half bath. Also carefully consider the placement of the fixture. It is best to install towel rings in a place close to the sink. This will prevent water dripping all over when reaching for the towel.

Measure the area you are thinking of placing the fixture. This will ensure that you purchase the perfect sized model. Small towel rings are ideal for hand towels. They can be placed anywhere there is a sink – bathroom, half bath, kitchen or utility room. Large towel rings can accommodate large bath towels. These can be placed near showers or baths.

Use care when placing your bath towel ring near a door, cabinets or drawers. This helps to ensure there is enough room for the doors or drawers to function.

Add style and convenience to your room with a towel ring (or two)! For a harmonized look, keep your fixture finishes in the same family. You can also mix it up for an eclectic look. There are so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your home